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Made in Minnesota from handcrafted iron and natural stone. The walking bird has a 10" stake under the foot and is designed to stake directly into the ground. The rock is center balanced over the foot providing the perfect amount of stability while allowing the sculpture to sway gently in the wind, or when real feathered birds land on the beak! These look spectacular by a bird feeder, or anyplace in your landscape.


Another option is the base bird. These are perfect for a deck or patio, and also look great next to a fireplace or in a sunroom. This style comes with an extra U-shaped piece that is used to stake into the ground giving the base birds extra stability when outside in the landscaping. The base option is also great if you don't want to poke thought landscaping liners since it isn't necessary to stake into the ground. 


Having trouble choosing between the two options? The walking birds give a bit more stability in the garden and have the fun motion, so if you know for sure you'll be displaying outside, go with this style. The base birds are great if you're not quite sure where their home will be. You get more versatility with the base birds because you have to option to display inside, outside, or in a place where you can't stake into the ground.   


MEDIUM OPTIONS: Heron, Feeding Heron (S-neck)

LARGE OPTIONS: Heron, Crested Crane, Egret, Feeding Heron (s-neck)


medium -28" h

large -38" h


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