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We select the finest Minnesota field stone for character & shape, then we form, and weld iron, to create unique one of a kind garden sculptures.


The ducks look adorable going up a front walkway to the house, or alongside garden path or patio. Our duck family is by far our customer favorite!


Mama Duck (20” h)

Baby duck (12”h)

Duck Family 4 (mama and 3 babies)

Duck Family 3 (mama and 2 babies)


Family sets will be a fun combo of colors unless you specify otherwise (in comment section). If you'd like a monochromatic set, pick the color above. 


Discounts are available if you'd like to create your own family size. Our record is a mama, papa, and 8 babies! Send a message in the contact section. 




Our sculptures were designed with the harsh Minnesota elements in mind and can be left outside year round.

Powder Coating is heat cured to the metal after a very thorough cleaning process. Our finish is incredibly durable and resistant to the outside elements. While the finish won't last forever, we've had powdered sculptures outside for 10+ years and they still look great!  Keep in mind the underlying metal will age if exposed to the elements. If you live near the coast with "salt air," or a particularly harsh environment, the finish will wear more quickly. I think the patina looks beautiful, but if you prefer, you can always "touch-up" the finish with a spray paint designed for metal.. lots of colors and specialty finishes are available at any local hardware store (just make sure the can says it bonds to metal).

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